Organic Certification

Kangaroo Hills Organic Farm has been Certified Organic for over 25 years. Certification is with NASAA - the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. ( NASAA No 3083 ) 
All of our wines are made only from grapes grown organically on the farm without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Certification with NASAA provides assurance to the consumer that the grapes are grown organically and without outside contamination.
No synthetic chemical fertilisers are used in the vineyard and in fact the only fertiliser is from the sheep which graze among the vines during the vines dormant period. 
No herbicides, insecticides or systemic fungicides are used in the vineyard either. Instead preventative spraying using natural copper and sulphur is used to control mildews.
In the winery where our wines are made, there are no chemical additives used throughout the wine making process. Physical movement and treatment of the wine is minimised and the essential natural preservative sulphur dioxide is kept to a minimum.